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At Service d’Arbres Stéphane, we offer you the full range of tree services. Whether it is for pruning, cabling or trimming in Montreal, Laval or the North Shore, we are the specialists to call.

Pruning – Healthy, Natural Growth

Pruning aims to remove weak, broken, diseased or dead branches, as well as all those that pose a risk to the safety or integrity of a building. The techniques we use as pruners not only respect the natural growth of the tree, but also allow it to achieve healthy growth. It is essential to call on a pruning professional to avoid cuts that could weaken the tree and leave it open to disease.

Trimming – a Perfect Cut for Alignment

By removing the crown or lateral branches of the tree, the arborist can promote more foliage. This cutting technique does not respect the structure of the tree, but offers other advantages, such as hardening the trunk to make stronger lumber, or creating a hedge or tree alignment.

Cabling – Effectively Correcting Growth Defects

Using one or more cables, the arborist can brace a tree to strengthen or straighten it. A dynamic cable will set the trunk without damaging it. Elastic and adjustable, this type of brace reduces shocks and gives the trunk greater mobility. A static brace is a metal rod that is inserted into the trunk and secured with bolts.

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