Trees Planting and Fertilizing in Montreal and the North Shore

At Service d’Arbres Stéphane, we know what our local trees and shrubs need to grow and stay healthy. Call us to obtain tree planting or fertilizing services in Montreal, the North Shore or Laval.

Planting – get Closer to Nature

Whether you want a private, tree-shaded back yard, or you’re looking to create a natural, green fence, tree planting offers many benefits. Trees reduce heat islands, beautify the landscape and purify the air by filtering small dust and air-borne particles.

At Service d’Arbres Stéphane, we offer planting services adapted to your environment. We will be able to help you select the ideal planting spot where your tree will grow happy and healthy. 

Fertilizing – Everything Your Tree Needs

In a natural forest, trees have access to everything they need to grow and stay healthy. Rain and organic matter in the soil provide trees with minerals and nutrients, and the presence of microorganisms helps to effectively aerate the soil.

In inhabited environments, however, the construction of buildings alters the soil and covers it with backfill that is low in minerals and nutrients. The specialists at Service d’Arbres Stéphane can advise you on the care of your trees and also offer you efficient fertilizing services.

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