Firewood, Clearing and Tree Services in Montreal

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In operation since 2004, Service d’Arbres Stéphane offers the full range of tree services in Montreal, Laval and the North Shore. We are proud of our accomplishments and services rendered to our residential, commercial and industrial customers. We continue to improve our practices and service offerings.

If you are dealing with emerald ash borer issues, our team can offer you lasting solutions to get rid of them and protect your ash trees.


Pruning, Trimming and Cabling

Using our specialized arborist equipment, we can prune your trees for healthy, safe gowth.

Tree removal, stump removal and clearing

Tree Removal, Stump Removal and Clearing

Our specialized team works carefully and efficiently to remove dead or diseased trees, as well as to remove stumps to a depth of 50 cm.


Planting and Fertilization

To ensure your tree grows strong and healthy, call us for planting and fertilization. We are experts in the field!



Our company recovers wood chips, debris and logs. We use them to create dry and semi-dry firewood, a natural and comfortable heating option.

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We have all the tree service skills and equipment needed to handle any project.

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